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Brenda and I have been friends for quite sometime now, and I love her like a sister of mine.  It’s kind of a funny thing with Brenda and cameras.  She actually hates getting her photo taken, but every year I tell her “Its time to do your photos again this year!”  See taking photos isn’t just a job/hobby of mine, I truly want to capture memories for people.  I want you to look back in ten years and say, “I’m so glad we did our photos every year to see you guys grow up.”  You don’t realize how fast the time goes with your little ones (or your bigger kids too), till they are adults of their own, telling you the very same thing!  I know I tell my mom all the time, “can time just slow down?”  So if you don’t do yearly photos, make sure you start now!  You will never regret having those precious memories captured for you!  Be like Brenda and get in front of a camera once a year, if not for you, then do it for someone else!  I can promise you, someone loves seeing your beautiful face!

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