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Spaghetti Smash >> Puyallup Children Photographer

I was contacted back in October about doing a "spaghetti smash" instead of a cake smash for this sweet girl! When her mom said she wanted to go with something different and the fact that little Miss Sophia is part Italian, I said absolutely! What a fabulous idea! I...

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Mt. Rainier, Family Session >> Puyallup Photographer

How do I even begin to talk about this amazing family! ALWAYS so much fun and what an honor it is to be their photographer! We decided to head up to Mt. Rainier at Tipsoo Lake in August on a super hazy day knowing most likely the mountain wouldn't be out! How do you...

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Senior & Sister Shoot, Puyallup Photographer

Being able to travel to the beach with family is a special thing, but to also have the privilege to do senior photos and sisterly photos with these two gorgeous girls just adds to it!  Here are some of Annabelle's senior photos, Maddy's "lets take photos for the fun...

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RaeRae, 2 year >> Puyallup Photographer

I love watching little ones grow up in front of my camera!  Raelynn as been with me every year since before she was born!  She has so much personality that shines through in her photos!  She is an absolute doll and I look forward to many more years of capturing this...

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Studio >> Puyallup Photographer

I am going to open up here on a personal side, which I don't do often, but here it goes!  Back in December of this past year my sister suddenly died. No cause of death, she just passed away in her sleep.  It was  a devastating tragedy that happened and has changed us...

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Baby R, 6 months new >> Puyallup Photographer

Baby R has decided that I am an OK person to be around! LOL! I am thankful to my clients who recommend me to their family and friends! It truly is the best type of advertising one can have. People will always be honest with you about the service they receive from any...

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Wyatt, 18 month >> Puyallup Children Photographer

Oh, Wyatt Drew, I lova lova you! I tell Wyatt this every time I am doing his photo shoot and he looks up at me and laughs! I have been photographing Wyatt since before he was even born, in his Mama's belly!  He knows me so well and we have such a special bond. I can't...

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Anara-One Year/Cake Smash >> Puyallup, Photographer

I just have to say I LOVE my little people!! I can not get enough of them and their sessions! This post will be overkill on photos and well, that's ok! Jenn and I always have tons of fun planning her kids' shoots and this one was just the same. There was tons of fun,...

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Jonah Bear, Newborn >> Puyallup Photographer

Jonah Bear Potter, first off you have the sweetest name I have ever heard!  There is no way you will ever be in trouble, little man, because your name is to sweet to say in a "you are in trouble" way.  Secondly, the fact that you were only 1 1/2 days old when you came...

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Wonder Women, 6 months >> Puyallup Photographer

Oh Miss Anara, what a beautiful little one you are!  As always such a fun time planning with your Mama and I can't believe you are 6 months old already!  You rock being Wonder Women, a baby doll, kitty cat, and of course Cinderella!  😉 Ready to book your little ones...

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Mr. B, turns 6 months >> Puyallup Photographer

Mr. B came to visit me a few weeks back and oh what a cutie pie he is! He thought all of my horrible animal sounds were fabulous! Hahaha! I can’t wait to watch this little guy grow up. Looking forward to many more sessions with him.

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Wyatt, the Cowboy, turns 9 months!

This little man holds a special place in my heart and I'm pretty sure he knows it too!  I just love this family and I love how they want to treasure every little second with this little man!  Wyatt is already nine months old and I can't believe it myself.  Seems like...

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Sharp Family, >> Puyallup Photographer

Brenda and I have been friends for quite sometime now, and I love her like a sister of mine.  It's kind of a funny thing with Brenda and cameras.  She actually hates getting her photo taken, but every year I tell her "Its time to do your photos again this year!"  See...

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Miss Averie, Mama’s Wedding Dress >> Puyallup, WA

I LOVE when my clients want to use something so special to them, like a wedding dress in their child's shoot!  Jennifer and I always had such a blast coming up with her kiddo's session and this one was of course just as fun!  You will remember Averie just had a little...

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Little Sweet Morgan, Newborn Puyallup Photographer

Sweet little Morgan, you are such a cutie pie and your petite features are sure baby envy!  Once we figured out that this sweet little one wanted to eat (her entire session), we were good to go!  I hope you enjoy this sweet little ones session has much as I did!!  She...

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Ms. Gillian, Senior Session >> Puyallup, Photographer

It's that time of year again to get those spring senior sessions done!  Gillian's senior session was a blast and this is only part 1 of her session!  Stay tuned for part 2!  Untill then enjoy her super cute, fun studio session!! Hope you enjoyed Gillian's senior...

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Little man turns 6 months >> Puyallup, Photographer

Oh Mr. Wyatt, you truly are a "Hunk"!  I can't believe you are 6 months old already, I feel like we just did your newborn session last month!  Thank you again Susie and Kasey for trusting me with your sweet little man's memories!  As always I love working with you...

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Miss Anara, >> Newborn Puyallup Photographer

I can't get enough of this little one and her amazing hair!  Miss Anara's session was so much fun and I am so honored I was chosen by her Mama to do her newborn photos!  I hope you enjoy this session as much as I do!!!  Introducing Miss Anara, 6 days new! Hope...

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