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Emily contacted me when she was 13 weeks pregnant to do a maternity shoot.  A mutual friend of ours (Jackie) was standing over her telling her to “just text her”!  Jackie and I have worked many many times together and she also knows its important to book early with photographers.  So as all good friends do we “coach” our friends into doing the right thing!  BOOK EARLY! 🙂  I’m so glad she sent that text asking if I was available and if she could get booked with me!  The best advertisement for anyone in any field is a referral and we sure do appreciate them!  Finally Emily’s day came and we we had lots of laughs creating beautiful images of her and her sweet baby girl!


This wasn’t Emily’s first rodeo either, she has a handsome little man that wanted to love on little sis just as much as he wanted to love on mom!

Dad was a champ and decided it was ok to have some photos taken as well!

Finally we finish with Emily, and just watch as the sun starts to set around her at Owens beach in Tacoma!

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