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How do I even begin to talk about this amazing family! ALWAYS so much fun and what an honor it is to be their photographer! We decided to head up to Mt. Rainier at Tipsoo Lake in August on a super hazy day knowing most likely the mountain wouldn’t be out! How do you pick just a few from this session, “Ummm, you don’t!” LOL! Be ready for overkill on photos! I know you won’t mind though! Enjoy!

FYI, read Abram’s shirt cause he really is a dinosaur! 

One of the most important things to remember in doing a family session is they never go as planned! Kids cry, don’t look at the camera and sometimes just want nothing to do with me. BUT that doesn’t mean you don’t do the session or you try for another time. You just go for it and trust in your photographer. This session was about an hour and half long and we had many laughs and although the kids may have not wanted their photos taken that night, we got some amazing shots! Get those family photos done and don’t put them off!



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